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Webinar | | 2014

WEBINAR - Location, Location, Location The Role Neighborhoods Play in Family Wealth and Well

This webinar, by PolicyLink, IASP, and NFHA discusses how policy can help create a fairer distribution of opportunity by neighborhood.

The webinar focused on the recent IASP brief, "Location, Location, Location: The Role Neighborhoods Play in Family Wealth and Well-Being."

This brief delineates between high opportunity and low opportunity neighborhoods, explains the disparities in neighborhood opportunity, and reveals the reasons why families are sorted by race and class into different quality neighborhoods. Drawing on longitudinal survey and interview data, this brief seeks to understand how families negotiate the diverse structure of neighborhood opportunity and explores their experiences of living in different types of neighborhoods. National-level longitudinal quantitative data illustrates the consequences of where a family lives and highlights why families place so much emphasis on gaining access to the “right” neighborhood.

Webinar speakers:

-Alexandra Bastien, Program Associate, PolicyLink
-Alexis Mann, Research Associate, Institute on Assets and Social Policy
-Debby Goldberg, Special Project Director, National Fair Housing Alliance
-Christopher M. Brown, Director of Government Affairs, PolicyLink

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