Strengthening Family Resiliency: The Lane Changer Costs of Financial Disruption

Income disrupting life events are more common than we think. Divorce, unemployment, poor health, caregiving all have real costs and consequences that can shift life's trajectories, curtail family-member's dreams, and have devastating long lasting effects on a families' financial security and well being. Some families are more vulnerable to financial disruptions than others and not everyone experiences the same risk of income loss from these events.

What are the real costs to these events? Why do some recover more quickly and easily than others? What kinds of change in policy and practice can help secure present and future opportunities for families navigating life's financial disruptions?

These questions are explored in the latest report in the Leveraging Mobility series. In "Keeping Dreams Alive: The Lane Changer Costs of Financial Disruptions," the Institute for Assets and Social Policy reviews how families bear the costs of income-disrupting life events

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