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New America Foundation | 2014

The Student Debt Review: Analyzing the State of Undergraduate Student Borrowing

The Student Debt Review looks at the cumulative loan debt (both public and private) taken on by students who graduated from college in the last three NPSAS administrations (2011-12, 2007-08, 2003-04). It presents charts laying out how the rate and amounts of student loan debt have changed over the past eight years, breaking the data down to look at specific types of credentials and...

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Corporation for Enterprise Development | 2014

Financial Education & Account Access Among Elementary Students: Findings from the Assessing Financial Capability Outcomes Youth Pilot

Policymakers are increasingly looking to schools to deliver financial education to students and youth. However, the lack of evidence of the effectiveness of high school financial education courses has led some to believe that teaching these concepts in high school may be too late and that reaching younger students in elementary schools may lead to better outcomes. Making that education...

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Webinar | | 2014

Building Assets Through the Tax Code

This webinar explores ways to expand the financial security of low- and moderate-income families through reform of the U.S. tax code. The conversation featured presentations from stakeholders deeply engaged in advancing a range of tax policy solutions, with a particular focus on the policy agenda emerging from the Tax Policy Advisory Group of the Asset Funders Network/Tax Policy Project.

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