Center for Social Development | 2013

Accounts, Assets, Expectations, and Achievements: How Child Development Accounts May Increase College Success

Child Development Accounts (CDAs) are savings or investment accounts opened as early as birth. The goal of CDAs is to promote saving and asset building  or lifelong development. Thus, CDA assets may be used for postsecondary education for youth and homeownership and enterprise development in adulthood. In many cases, public and private entities deposit funds into these accounts to supplement...

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Research | Center for Social Development | 2010

The Role of Savings in Reducing "Wilt" between Expectations and College Attendance

“Wilt” occurs when a young person who expects to attend college while in high school does not attend college shortly
after graduating. In this study we find that youth with no account in their own name are more likely to experience wilt
than any other group examined. In multivariate analysis, youth who expect to graduate from a four-year college and
have an account are approximately seven...

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